search engine optimization
ExecFocus-Optimization has the capability od submitting to over 300 search engines and directories as well as thousands FFAs. For a partial list see below

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search engine optimization
search engine optimization
We approach submission from different angle to maximize the chance of getting web sites listed. They include:

Server Base Submissions
Software Base Submissions
FFA Submissions
Auto Submissions
Semi-Auto Submissions
Manual Submissions
search engine optimization

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The ExecFocus Submission Process

We believe that our submission process is one of the most thorough in the industry. Our approach is unique and utilizes all the submission options available in order to maximize the chances for indexing a website.

Our process includes three distinctive submission approaches:

1) Server-based submissions
2) Software-based submissions
3) Manual submissions

1) Server-Based Submissions

Many companies offer automatic submission solutions that allow website owners to submit websites to the most prominent search engines in the United States (probably less than 100 - see “The Myth of the 50,000 Search Engines” article). While this is a very simple and inexpensive approach to submission it is not a very effective one, since many search engines require a confirmation code and/or specific information on the submission (e-mail address, name, etc.). However, it is an excellent approach for submission to the thousands of FFA (Free For All) directories. And while FFAs are created mainly to collect e-mail to then spam the sender, some FFAs are legitimate and warrant the effort. (We must add that we have our own solution for dealing with spam generated by FFAs.)

We use this technique to submit to the thousands of FFAs simply to insure that we get as much exposure as we can for our clients.

2) Software-Based Submissions

This is a submission process that relies on software installed on an individual computer, allowing for a simplified process of submission. Many software programs are available, and all serve the same purpose despite wide variation in the prices requested by licensors. The main differences between these programs have more do with the interface and ease of use.

Most search engine optimization software programs offer various options for submission, including an automatic submission, semi-automatic (a manual process that is facilitated by the software), and manual submission.

Automatic submissions are, as the name indicates, a completely automatic process, and, as explained above, have only a limited effectiveness. However we use this approach to supplement other forms of submission.

The semi-automatic submission is a manual submission that is assisted by software that “dials” the submission page on the search engine and fills in the blanks (e-mail address, site description, etc) when this information is requested. The operator has to then complete the process and when requested, enter a confirmation code.

3) Manual Submissions

These submissions are done via a strict manual process, and are used for the top search engines and directories that only accept these types of submissions. A very good example of a directory that accepts only manual submission is DMOZ (Open Directory Project). ExecFocus.Net uses manual submissions to submit our clients’ websites to directories like DMOZ as well as the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

We use all these submission processes to submit to all search engines from all “angles.” For example, our basic search engine optimization package includes the following schedule:

Submission schedule

Month 1

Auto Submission to Search Engines - Once
Auto Submission to FFAs - Daily
Manual Submission to Top Search Engines - Once
Ranking Report

Month 2

Semi-Automatic Submission to Search Engines - Once
Auto Submission to FFAs - Daily
Manual Submission to Top Search Engines - As Needed
Ranking Report

Month 3

Auto Submission to Search Engines - Once
Auto Submission to FFAs - Daily
Manual Submission to Top Search Engines - As Needed
Ranking Report

At ExecFocus we take search engine optimization very seriously and we deliver the best service available, one client success at a time.

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